Tommy the Zombie” is a children’s tale about a boy and his vegetables.

Mommy and Daddy come up with a surprising way to answer the age old question: How do you get a little boy to eat his vegetables?

Written by Willie H. Freeman III and beautifully illustrated by Kimberly Anne Dy Buncio, Tommy the Zombie features clever parents, an energetic little boy, and more imagination than you can shake a brain at.



A little boy sits at the dinner table wearing a zombie mask.
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About the Author:

Willie H. Freeman III is a Bible-believing follower of Jesus the Christ. That means he is also a lover of God, His church, and people in general. He integrates technology and education into his passion for storytelling. This enables him to reach large numbers of people with a variety of narratives that inspire as well as empower. True to his passions, he founded Incubator Press LLC. This company is his platform for delivering transmedia narratives that form a shared universe. This is accomplished by collaborating with artists and writers worldwide from Argentina to the Philippines. Current projects include graphic novels, children’s books, poetry books, podcasts, Hip-Hop albums, and Bible studies.