About the Company



Incubator Press LLC is an independent publishing company (not a secret laboratory). It is the brainchild of founder and director Willie Freeman (who is neither mad, nor a scientist). Founded in 2010, Incubator Press published 10 comics in 2 years.  Each issue featured short stories from creative teams assembled by Mr. Freeman. The short stories (8-pages each) were compiled into anthologies (3 stories per issue) that center on specific themes.

Incubator Press frequents MegaCon and other comic conventions in Florida. Our artists and writers can be found at various conventions across the North America, South America, Europe, and parts of Asia. Our company booth is generally in the Independent Press section of on the convention floor.


Comics: We’re currently promoting the 10 issues we’ve completed so far and not looking for new submissions so far. Plans are to begin producing new comic stories in Summer 2013.

Poetry: We’re working hard to release a book of poetry in 2013 from gifted poet that wandered into the lair one fine Spring morning.

Short Stories: The worlds alluded to in our comics are making the jump to paperback fiction. We will bring you new stories picking up where the comics left off.


Twitter: @IncubatorPress
Facebook: Facebook.com/IncubatorPress

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